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Jesse Ventura

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Iconic Picture of Celebrity

Iconic Picture of Jesse "The Body" Ventura



Analysis of Iconic Picture

Although this picture was taken during Ventura's political period, it exemplifies different celebrity faces of Jesse Ventura.  Before dabbling in the political arena Ventura, then known as "The Body" spent a lot of time in another type of arena - as a professional wrestler and later a commentator.  Ventura's facial expression in this picture would surely remind anyone of his previous occupations.  He looks "tough," ready to take on anything or anyone, or just plain tell it how it is.

It is Ventura's ensemble in this picture that really portrays him as a political player.  The crisp suit and tie, not to mention the American flag pin on his lapel, scream "politician."  While Ventura's facial expression looks more like that of a professional wrestler, in this picture he looks like politician who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and say what's on his mind (and we know he's not).


Shayna Hofmeister DePaul University SOC 390 Celebrity Project